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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anything to be Panned

It's been quite a while since the last time I've posted about Pari Bakar Asam using the magical world of farah (perasan ok!) PAN itu.. hehehhe... It's not that I have not using it since, I have been using it but to be fair, I am just plain lazy and tired to post anything until today, I realised one of my BFF asking about it as she has also bought the same pan recently! hihihihi.... laku kan Sar pan ajaib ni..!

truthfully, I use this pan merely for anything and everything... be it fish, be it chicken, pancakes and even EGG! Guess what, I have just made a good omelette using this pan! Sorry Sar, gambar tak amik sebab tak teringat nak post...

simply whisk 3-4 eggs and add some salt +pepper... put some cut vege (lada bengala traffic light tu pun cantik) to add on the colour on the omelette.... pann it upside down. The best is you do not need oil to fry! selamat kolestrol ku! hihihihi...

try le Sar...!