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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bestday Meal

It’s Alia’s 8th birthday and she begged for presents and cakes months ago.. Since it was Wednesday on her day, too bad, mama & ayah needed to go to work though.. after so many series of unfortunate events for the last 5 weeks, we couldn’t afford to forego our leave only for her sorry kakak

However, in return, I managed to pack some cute little stationeries for her to give to her friends.. I too promised her a cake when I am back from work. I reminded other half in the wee morning to get home early..

At work, I received an sms from other half slightly half past 3 asking me whether to buy Alia her present today after work? Alia begged for a bicycle for her birthday though! I answered him with another question that I thought he promised to buy the bike on weekend..?

Fortunately, my place of work has placed few bakery shops, thus, leave me with easier option on buying her cake..i chose a choc fudge cake with sunflower on it.. not the choice of an average 8 years old I am sure, but that is the only whole cake thankful ye..!

Reaching home slightly minutes before 6.30, other half was already there waiting for me and asked me to join him to buy kakak’s present…. We decided to find it at K4…but with lack of choices… we ended stopped at a bike shop, the first one I suggested to him earlier.. so we bought it there….beskal pun dah naik hargaaa…

So here we go, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALIA…! What we had for dinner, we had little celebration over our usual TV session and I cooked SAMBAL UDANG PETAI+TEMPOYAK! Wowowowoooooo….

Mama tak kira, bestday ke idak ke, perut mama tetap nak nasik…..!