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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Master Chef Programme

Nak gelak pun ada bila buh tajuk tu... last night while it was heavily raining + thunder, our home sweet home went off-light, BLACKOUT daa.... few times lak tu... I was planning to goreng ikan kembung masak taucu... my MIL dah keluarkan ikan awal2 lagi an hour before I reached home. Since, it was dark inside, I took my own sweet time cuddling Little Emir (big bro Adha was with his granma..fret of the dark I guess..) Later, I swithched on all the available torch lights (including handphones' too).. I started to siang ikan...dalam gelap... well... dah hobi la plak, the urge was my stomach, TERINGIN SANGATTTTT IKAN GORENG TAUCU ni....!

While cleaning the fish, my other half reached home, surprised finding us all rambling in the dark. Soon, he joined us in the dark and switched on his phone's torch too.. p/s: dalam gelap pun laki ku ini sempat membebel dgn anak...bilaa laa nak diam org tua ni....*sighhhh...*

goreng ikan, sambil tu Alia suluh my kuali and sinki sebab I was finishing off the onions, garlic and ginger... ayah yang suruh Alia tolong suluh kat mama, takut tangan mama kena pisau actually... after a while, my MIL and other half broght all the kiddos down to the living room. Still in the dark, other half asking kakak to accompany mama cooking. She did it willingly though...

Soon, the lights are back and my taucu also ready to be served. It is not the taucu I am focusing here, I just want to rephrase what my eldest child told me:

"mama, dalam gelap pun mama terer masak jugak kan.. mama ni Chef Farah la... mesti la boleh masak kat mana2 pun... mama boleh la masuk MASTERCHEF tu mama...!"

so I asked her, "kalau mama masuk MASTERCHEF tu, boleh ke mama menang?"

She replied:"mestila boleh, mana ada orang boleh masak dalam gelap macam mama...!"

so I was terharu...! really sweet this little (no tlittle anymore of course!) girl....