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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kenapa Perlu Suka Masak

I tak taula kenpa or mengapa ada orang suka masak ada orang tak suka masak..itu keputusan masing2..tapi for me, i memang PERLU SUKA MASAK for various reasons:

1. My other half bukak periuk/tudung saji/tgk atas meja dulu bila balik dari keja walaupun tetengah malam
2. Anak2 dah 4, kalau beli je..mak oiiii tak ckup kuantiti nya....or nak cukup kuantiti duit nye kena BERLEBIHAN u...(LOL)
3. anak2 i memang suka makan esp those yang baru masak tgh naik bau tu.... and many other reasons that I could not recall at present...

The most appreciated time is when baru je hidang dan masih panas everybody is circling the food and demanding for some! This moment will never be replaced with anything in the world... especially when I looked into their bright eyes with full of excitement waiting to taste the food...

So mothers, whether u are a domestic engineer (house manager laa.../housewife..!) or a career woman with high reputation at work, feel enjoy cooking food for your loved not wait til it's too late to share the same feelings I have with mine....:)