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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Food For Moms Part 2

Hi again... saja nak share bulletin yang I subscribe on pregnancy ni.. the following are foods yang KITA SELALU makan tanpa disedari merbahaya(or berbahaya) untuk org2 yang bakal menimang cahaya mata ni.. good for me to know oso at present, kalau idak... aku pun hentam saja laa labu.....

Things To Avoid Consuming During Your Pregnancy:

1.   Mussels, Crab, Shrimp, and other shellfish
2.   Shark (longer living saltwater fish accumulate higher levels of mercury )
3.   Swordfish
4.   King Mackerel
5.   Tile Fish
6.   Bluefish
7.   Tuna Steak
8.   Striped Bass
9.   Freshwater Fish
10. Canned Tuna (especially Albacore Tuna) 
11. Heavily Processed Foods
12. Caffeinated Substances 
13. Coffee
14. Energy Drinks (any kind of energy boosters)
15. Unpasteurized Cheese
16. Refrigerated pates and meat spreads
17. Deli/Luncheon Meats
18. Hot Dogs
19. Undercooked Eggs
20. Rare to Medium-Well Meats
21. Unpasteurized Juices
22. Mushrooms
23. Artificial Sweeteners
24. Black Tea
25  Peanut Products (poses allergy risk to child if you or your family have nut allergies)
26. Alcohol, Smoking, and Illegal Drugs 
27. Any prescription medication that wasn't prescribed specifically for you while pregnant.

Hopefully, we gain something from this ek......