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Monday, March 30, 2009


carrot+ginger+apple - CLEANSE and BOOST our system
apple+cucumber+celery-prevent CANCER, reduce CHOLESTROL, improve stomach UPSET
tomato+carrot+apple-improve SKIN COMPLEXION... awet muda gituuuuu
bittergourd+apple+milk- avoid BAD BREATH, reduce internal body HEAT
orange+ginger+cucumber-improve skin texture, moisture, reduce nody heat
pineapple+ apple+watermelon-dispel excess salts, nourishes bladder and kidney
apple+cucumber+kiwi-improve skin complexion....takyah BOTOX daaa
pear+banana-regulates sugar content
carrot+apple+pear+mango-clear body heat, counteract toxic, reduce BP
honeydew+grape+watermelon+milk-increase cell activity, increase body imunity
papaya+pineapple+milk-improve metabolism and skin complexion
banana+pineapple+milk-prevent constipation

rajin-rajin laa mencuba ye....