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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Appreciating Our Loves

Hari ni tak mau bagi resepi makanan.. saja nak share resepi hati plak... My boss came to office today brought his 3 children... they just lost their mother last Thursday.. My boss is close to me and I think he would like to share how he felt losing his 14-year-long-marriage wife. We the staff felt sorry for him... frankly he is a one boss that i can babble, get angry with and at the same time he will not hesitate to show his anger in front of me... more like a mentor where he taught me good leadership... he is one that i would not mind to say a friend. 
when he spoke about his wife, one easily sees how much he missed the late wife, dearly. the lost is so sudden, unanticipated and came as a total shock..
what i want to share is the lesson that i learnt from his situation (bukan nak amik kesempatan) but i think we should be prepared when this thing come to us as surpeise. as per his say HE PLANNED FOR SITUATION WHEN HE IS NO LONGER AROUND, but not the other way round.  Guys, husbands are always beingselfish in this case. They worked hard for MONEY in order to SECURE the future of his loved ones...but true fact, think again what is the thing WE SEEK in this LIFE? the answer is not MONEY.. money is to ENSURE SURVIVALITY...not a total satisfaction... Owh God, I can never finish with this...for I couldn't bear the fact of losing loved ones.....
Saying I love you is easy..keeping it alive is the real challenge