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Monday, November 12, 2012

Home-Made Soya

Now that I begin my Herbalife
I need to stock up my soya drink
to add on the shake taste so that it won;t go that blunt

I did stock up few boxes of V-Soy
ended up gone
drank by my tods (I think the kids had pretty much the same share)
within few days 
2 boxes of 1ltr V-soy were gone

Other half suggested me
made my own soya drink
he remembered me boiling the soya drink years back
so I did
we went to Segi Fresh n I took ard 300 - 400 grams of soya bean
costed me around RM2

what I did was
soak the soya beans with lots of water (ard 2l)
let it soaked for hours - make sure it does not bubble
else nanti masam kacang hampir basi

i clean the soaked soya bean n blend them 
i use a heavy duty blender - easier
then filter the blended beans using cloth
amazingly i managed to get ard 4liter of soya milk
iput in ard 10 spoonful of sugar
boil them together
til it bubbles
whisk thoroughly

it s best served chill uols!