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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sandwich Tergila2

Yesterday I took MC for I was not well...still I have 4 other stomaches to fill up right...

Luckily on Sunday I managed to prepare many alternatives..except for Alia where after she had lunch (right before she is due to get ready for school)...she took th eloaf of Gardenia bread..

I was so shivering yet still asking her:

Mama: kakak nak buat apa?
ALia: akak nak bawak bekal la Mama..
Mama: tuna sandwich?
Alia: ha'ah..
Mama: banyak lagi ke tuna nya?meh sini mama tambah telor
soon i whisk th eleft over with an egg in th efrying pan and prepared 4 sandwiches whic i further divided into 8 portions...

when she was back from skool, she blurted:

Alia: Mama, mama... mama tau si Iffah tu TERGILA2KAN sandwich mama...!
(me still blur,..?)
Alia: esok akak janji nak belanja dia SANDWICH KAYA pulak...

aduihhh....macam2 laa janji anak dara ku immediately today i bought another loaf of Gardenia bread..just in case!