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Monday, July 11, 2011

Kek Kukus Pandan Moist

there will be times when kids begged me to prepare things for them.. so last weekend was one of the days to be fair..! i was left home with the 4 angelic kids... angah as usual isolated in the activity room with his PS2.. alia was with me when i put both her little brothers to sleep in their cradles..

finally, i had to have my own time and started to work in the kitchen, when minutes later, alia came to me with my SAJI magazine.. she kepohed to me that she thinks her mama can cook some of the food from the magazine. I remember buying the magazine long time ago when I was heavily pregnant with Adha. I bought that for the purpose of MASAKAN SEMASA PANTANG.. this one definitely the pantang edition..

i had no idea Alia was actually flipping from one page to another trying to figure out what mama could prepare for her...and lastly she saw a nice photo of kek lapis pandan..

Alia: eh, mama, mama..mama boleh buat kek ni kot...(sambil tunjuk kat gambau tu)
Mama: meh sini mama tengok bahan2 nya..
Alia: boleh kan..? (separuh begging though!)
Mama: rasanya boleh kot..
Alia: hah, buat kan laa.....!

to cut the story short, the very next day bila pegi beli lauk-pauk kat pasar, i grabbed a bundle of daun pandan.. lepas siap masak for the family on that sunday afternoon, I called her up to help me in the kitchen for her pandan cake..

i asked her to whisk 5 eggs+2 cups of sugar, while I blend daun pandan (7-8 helai) + a cup of water, after roughly about 5 minutes, i filter daun pandan and left with the pati..masukkan dalam beaten eggs + sugar tadi..wangiii jee baunya..pastu sift 2 cups of wheat flour+soda bikarbonate+baking powder..masukkan sikit2 kedalam adunan tadi.. lastly masukkan half a cup of minyak masak... kukuskan...!

baunya mak aiiiiiiii....menyentuh perut anak2 ku...tak sabor2 nak makan..! mmg betul pun, potong je panas2 tu berebut2 nak rasa mama's first time ever Kek Kukus Pandan.....!