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Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Family Meal

what a week...mmg tiring tapi I takmau explain further on that. I just want to story you what we had for dinner yesterday as a happy famili..why? other half's father is cooking with us..! Really! He cooked!

I took leave as yesterday was Report Card's Day for Alia and Faiz. I remembered 2 days after school holidays over, Alia mentioned to me that she got 6th place in her class. And FAiz, too claimed he got 6th Place too..(dalam hati mama, leh percaya ke si Faiz ni...tapi mama kept quiet je..) Other half and I went to their skool slightly after Zuhur.. true enough, Alia has got 6th place with average percentage is 90.3%. Although her placing dropped, but her percentage has risen up. Alhamdulillah... what about Faiz? Leh tak mama gelak dulu... so called 6th place laa kan... he beaten at least 6 pupils in his class only.. hahahhaha... 19th out of 26... sabor je laaa.... As I mentioned before..he is analytical not linguistic... that tells all! anyway, I am proud of them!

FIL asked us to buy JERING TUA n MUDA, petai, pucuk paku...ikan kerisi goreng je pun takpe.. so we went to our old place of shopping heaven for lauk pauk..PASAR CHOW KIT!! really heaven, we spent only RM50 for many sayur mayur and 4 types of ikan...!

to cut the story short, sampai je umah, MIL and I started to prepare things to cook.. I asked her to cook sebab takut if I masak tak sedap for FIL... after 5 minutes other half n FIL joined us in the kitchen. He saw the petai, then kopek.. MIL asked him what he wanted to do with the petai...he said HE IS GOING TO FRY IT...! he did! he fried the petai... took thoe chilli i tumbuk dalam lesung, dia yg bubuh belacan tu..buh ikan bilis... goreng..sambil nyanyi2...! lawak sungguh.. i put the salt and pak aji for him... really, it was so delicious.. I stirfry with belacan pucuk paku...ikan goreng garam kunyit je... mak oi...mmg worth every bit!!!

he played badminton with alia half an hour later..having so much fun i guess.. only 45 minutes later, he drove our car and went missing for half an hour...other half an i had to look him around, was found by RELA team an hour later..pusing2 satu taman cari our house tak jumpa..!!! alasan dia, semua rumah nampak samaaaa je...LOL!

What a day!