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Friday, July 22, 2011

French Toast in the Morning

aduhh..korang pernah makan french toast... meh nak ajar.. tapi nak bgtau dulu cemana plak myself 'terpaksa' kerana 'dipaksa' menggoreng french toast ni in the morning.... aduuu la duuii

anyway, few days back, my department had planned to have dinner after office hour at Sunway Pyramid. Thus, I knew I would be home late, I purposely went off to work later than usual.. however, other half still woke up in the morning got ready to work. It was still early when other half drove off the porch. I left with Emir and thinking it would be good if I had the chance to have real brakfast with my kids. No need for MIL to prepare anything for the kids. I saw2 loaves of gardenia plain white bread and my mind quipped, it would be good if I prepare french toast for my kids before the bread berkulat.. i quickly took a salad bowl, putting in 3 scoops of margerine, 3 eggs and whisk them..i put is 3 spoons of sugar to add on the taste.. I heat up the non-stick frying pan, under a slow burn, i dip the bread and start to toast need to put any sor of oil okay.. i fried them...and triangled them once they are cooked (roughly ard 2 minutes)..

Apparently, they loved it so much, they did not eat rice for the day...according to MIL, they fought for the toast! Faiz tapau bawak pegi skool..

This morning, Alia woke up and asked, Mama puasa ke hari ni...I answered her, tak, mama tak puasa...dah habis ganti..

She waited for me in the kitchen. As when I was about to taste my drink, she blurted:

Alia: Mama, buatkan roti telur tu lagi boleh tak..?
(I looked at the wall clock, owh, already quarter past 7.. Emir is still dangling on my side)
Mama: Kakak, mama tak sempat ni...
Alia: tapi kakak dah janji dengan Iffah.....(her face turned so sour and she covered her face with her hands..hmm...merajuk dah my only girl ni...)

I sipped my Milo (before Adha spill it over on the floor as he was playing with the spoon) and quipped in my mind, what is so wrong to be 5-10 minutes late to work but able to make my daughter happy and able to make her make up her promise to her friend. Eventually I found myself whisking the eggs and margerine and heating up the frying pan, too... in less than 10 minutes all toast are ready on the dining table and Alia smiled ear to ear while helping me with Emir on her lap...

I went off to work, and Alhamdulillah the road was clearer than usual that I managed to get to workplace quarter to 9...tak lambat pun...

kalau dah jadi mama ni, tak sampai hati tak prepare anything anak2 nak makan...