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Friday, June 3, 2011

Asam Pedas Orang Malas

Two days ago, I came home very early about 6.30..thanks to school, I fetched Emir first thing after I reached home.

Other half YMed me informing he won't be home early anyway.. I have taken out kepala ikan jenahak to defrost before i zoom to work.. so i planned to prepare soup kepala ikan jenahak.. however, baby Emir was not settled today.. mebbe because his bros n sis are not around, he needs more attention from them and MISS them too..? *sob..sob....*

So, what tcook if Emir is like that...I lay down next to him and accompany him playing this and that....totally HAVE TO forget my soup kepala ikan jenahak..! only half past 8 other half reached home and i asked him to look after baby Emir while I need to cook..! he did..! after a while he brought Emir up to the first floor where i suppose to cook... i continue cooking anyway..slight ly after 40 mins or so my soup became ASAM PEDAS...

I asked other half to eat whilst I have a look at baby Emir.. guess what his reply??

Ayah: "Eh, mama dah siap masak ke?"
Mama: "Dah le.. asam pedas..."
Ayah:"kejap beno... ni mesti mama masak org malas kannn....main boh-boh je masak tu...!" (sambil gaga si Emir...)
Mama: "amboihh.....(puting tetek ayah kena cubit laa kan...!) bini orang lain belum tentu balik kerja nak masak tau...sedap je kata mama masak orang malas...!"

Sabo je laaaaa....