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Monday, May 23, 2011

My Littlest Food Lover

What is it for weekend, mama? Look at my face, I am hungry and please prepare something for me okay...

Well, other half took leave on Friday & Saturday. He sent MIL home just before Friday prayer and let Adha stayed there overnight. Hence, when I was home, he was HOME ALONE since Alia n Faiz went to school...Emir was sent to Opah's place too...wahh...senang2 kan jadi HUSBAND ni... >:P Anyway, I was not planning to cook anything for the night as the leftover are still there for quick dinner.. I did not eat dinner either that night because I had rice twice from morning and cheesecake for tea break.. too much !!

Other half asked whether we need anything from tesco.. I told him whatever left in the freezer just add, and Adha likes FISH so much and no more fish in the freezer though. In short, we went there and bought few things for our stomaches. ahhahahh... I took a bottle of TAMIN taucu (this one is better than the packet ones) as other half strolled around the wet market area.

This is one of the lovely Saturdays I have as I don't have to rush ironing otherhalf's shirt, boiling water for other half before he went off to work..yelling at Adha as he ran down towards the gate or playing with the brooms..while I am busy with Little Emir and kakak surely fed up being asked to watch over the nottie Adha.. (see his pic there, the nottie face shown!) today, I woke up a little bit later..poking other half what to eat for breakfast... he kept quiet..I woudn't want to ask anymore I woke up, boiling water, filling up flasks for later use.. other half came to the kitchen, refilling the MILO pot, and had some left in the packet, thus he asked me to prepare MILO KAW! prepared that and i told him i just prepare light meals for breakfast.. he said ok..just cook for lunch je la... i agree thus i just fry some nuggets, cuttlefish balls and fish fingers.. i took out ikan terubuk and udang we bought from tesco last night... i took my own sweet time to cook those.. my plan was to masak asam pedas terubuk and stirfry the shrimp..

but, later, i did masa asam pedas for the terubuk and i goreng tauchu for the shrimp..maveles (as per Alia...) Emir was still sleeping when I finished cooking where his father dozed off next to him.. I asked Alia n faiz to do some revision for exam while i was cooking... Thought I still have time before Emir is up, I whisk 5 eggs and sugar...found the cocoa powder.. wahh.. it would be nice if we have chocolate cake for desserts.... after less than half an hour, my chocolate cake is already in the steamer...

Emir is already up when the choc cake is steamed. I bathed Emir and put on some new clothes.. by this time, other half is also up and asked us when to fetch Adha.. while I am getting ready myself..the cake was ready..but still TOO HOT! when we were about to leave, Alia asked for a piece of this cake.. still too hot to cut, i pinched soem for her though..! thank you, mama...

we left for Anna's kids bestday party..after we fetched Adha.. went to Muksu's palce after ANna's, wahh...restless la mama.... sampai rumah semua terbongkang!!!

what a nice weekend....too bad, my sunday will be a challenging one as other half supposed to work...ouch!