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Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Meals

Again about weekend ya... well nampak tak kueh lapis yang tak berapa menarik dipotong tu..hmm.. tu weekend punyer penangan ye..

saturday we went out, thus, Sunday I was expecting a challenging day as Adha is around, Emir's opah balik kampung (otherwise mid of the day Opahmenti pinjam Emir kejap..kekadang sampai siap makan n mandi..senang mama tau..!).. so i was not planning to cook anything for dinner..forget lunch as I do not have appetitte to eat alone.. i just cut off yesterday's chocolate cake..for the kids..mix some Campbell's soup and stir slowly over slow heat.. took the with somebread from tesco.. Milo kaw is ready to drink.. anough for them..

While Emir and Adha were sleeping, i did the laundry (for weekend forgot to mention Adha vomitted in the wee morning for eating TOO MUCH during the day!!!).. i need to wash the comforter today...finished that and the little two woke up..ready to rumble, mama!!
other half mentioned before he left that he will be home early today.. after 6.. i had some time for myself before he came home.. surprisingly, slightly after 4, my brother and his wife and little Chienta dropped by.. its been months we did not see each other....luckily i had a tray of choclate cake for them..

but, as i told you i do not want to cook anything for lunch or dinner, yet i still made something in less than half an hour... geuss what? you've guessed right, kuehlapis.. hhahha.. my sis-in-law asking me how did i make the kueh lapis..the exact ingredients.. ouch..sorry sis.. exact amount is never in my dictionary.. thus, i showed her how i did it..haha..sorry ye..tawar sikit..!

they stayed till other half came home with m y MIL... LUCKY for me, my MIL brought RENDANG DAGING.....wah....ada ikan selar goreng sambal..nyumm..nyum... betul2 malas nak masak rupanya ada bontrot dari umah MIL.. hehehehhehe..... senang hidp mama..!