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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tok Cit & Omah Corner

have i ever told you that my parents are actually operating a food corner back in Johore? well, i guess not, but I am going to now.. Alia and Faiz along with their cousin gracefully call my father Tok Cit and my mother Omah... reason being, Tok Cit is the simplified version of Atok Buncit (my father is....:) and my mom as Puan Salmah, ppl calls her Kak Mah yet when it comes to grandchildren its been shortened to Omah (Atuk Salmah)... these two 60-something couple few years back bought over an abandoned mapley or kedai makan or gerai makan (not that grand as restaurant or cafe..) so, they run the corner since then.. it was a moderate business but becomes good nowadays.. really! 
as the use of internet I just love to share with you good food.. if u are planning to have a vacation or trip to Desaru, feel free to come to TokCit and Omah Corner.. It will be a very long tiring and not forgetting boring drive to Desaru from KL (at least 4 and half hours) but worth it I guess! yela.. boleh pegi pantai desaru (better still Sedili or Tanjung Balau or Batu Layar (where u can find batu bentuk layar) or Kota Lama even crocs pond pun ada..) semuanya nearby...
if u happen to be there, Tok Cit & Omah Corner is about 30-35km from Kota Tinggi town (heading towards Desaru ye) you will pass lots of Felda Air Tawar 1 - 5 etc... Tok Cit & Omah Corner will be on your right exactly di Hentian Mas (there will be a signboard of this).. so, my parents corner is the most left of the row next to the Surau and washroom...
if you are looking for good food and of course halal, do singgah and sudilah mampir! 
my next trip to my parents will be in a fortnight to fetch Alia and Faiz who are currently enjoying themselves there! I promise my next post on Tok Cit & Omah Corner will be with some good visual k from my mom's dapur!!